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Eric G. Znoj, Eric Znoj


Over the past several years, we have been providing the most essential and most profitable penny stock trading resources, tools and information to investors online, and we ourselves know how important it is for small cap investors to have the right resources at the right time when buying and selling penny stocks trading under $5/share.

Our Company employs over 12 market researchers dedicated to providing the most useful penny stock trading tools to investors over the web.  We know that penny investors find it difficult keeping track of the latest trading tools that are in use by the small cap investment community, so we have come up with a solution.  We have completely eliminated the time & money it takes Small Cap Investors to keep up with the latest trading tools & trends, and our eBook speaks for itself.  We realize how crucial it is for penny investors to find new picks & perform much needed Due Diligence.  We have created this essential penny stock trading tool solely for Penny Investors, and since its inception, has gained increased popularity around the globe and is currently used by thousands of penny traders.


The Penny Stock market is our passion and we take it very seriously.   We like to run our company on a Mom & Pop level and feel that it is important to provide a personal touch when dealing with our customers.  We will assist any individual on a personal level find the resources, tools and information they're looking for, regardless of what they may be looking for on any day of the week.  Just send us an email!

Trading penny stocks is an art form in many ways, and we are sure you will agree with that if you have purchased and sold penny stocks in the past.  Those that are informed and have the tools at hand will inevitably trade more profitably & save valuable time trying to figure out what they need and don't need during their penny stock trading sessions.

For some investors, penny stock trading is something they do for fun or interest, and others depend on the market for steady income & to maintain their livelihood.  Whichever your current situation may be, we urge you to pick up a copy of our eBook to make your penny stock trades easier & more profitable all around.

We are the only Penny Stock Site on the Internet dedicated solely to providing the latest Penny Stock Resources, Tools and Information, intended to assist small cap investors buy and sell penny stocks more efficiently, profitably & more knowledgably throughout the trading day.  We know how important it is to have the proper tools by your side when buying or selling any type of stock, and take great care & pride in providing the most effective & useful tools for penny traders.

The Penny Stock Tool Chest®

When we first thought of providing such an eBook, we had to create a name that would best describe it, yet, easy to remember.

If you are not already aware, this is the original Penny Stock Trading Tool, that has been offered online since 1995.  Our researchers update the eBook on a daily basis adding new & verifying current resources, and removing old ones.  We have made sure that all of the essential Penny Stock Trading Resources are included in this comprehensive Penny Stock Tool Superpack.

Of course, you may find various Penny Stock Web Sites touting that they in fact have the most comprehensive set of Penny Stock Trading Tools to assist their customers.  This is just not true...  In fact, you may already know this if you have signed-up or purchased the various Penny Stock Products & Services offered online.

This eBook serves one purpose, and that is to provide the most complete set of Small Cap Investment Tools, Resources, and Information to active penny stock traders, and we actually have a team of researchers scouring the web for the most useful & profitable resources for penny traders 7 days a week.  Our job never ends...

Regardless of whether or not you are currently enrolled in a Penny Stock Advisory Service or are a member of a penny stock site, we cannot stress how important this traders' companion is.

To find out more about our eBook, click here!


Our eBook has been featured in thousands of financial publications worldwide, and our Penny Stock Traders Tool Chest has gained the trust of thousands of penny stock traders globally.  Since 1995, our eBook has been featured in various Small Cap Investment Books, Magazines, Newspapers, News Services, T.V. and over the Radio in over 60 countries due to the essential resources our product contains.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert trader, our eBook is a must have and we are confident that you will realize this once you pick up a copy!!!  Don't miss out on this...

Eric G. Znoj, Eric Znoj




Ranked #1 As The Most Useful Penny Stock Trading Tool By Penny Investors!

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